Something Good: 05012012

I spontaneously went to see Ivan & Alyosha and Rosie Thomas at The Loft with Dane tonight. I’m so happy we went! Both bands played a heartfelt show that just made me so happy (:

Rosie T knew all the words that I needed to hear; she almost made me cry! I wish I had recorded her message because she tells herself that everyday and I think I should too. My favorite quote of the night: “Find joy… and when you do, CLING TO IT. Cuddle it like a teddy bear.”

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Something Good: 04122012

Every day is more fun than the last, I swear. There are certain people who I just can’t get enough of in one day (:

AND I get to go back to work tomorrow! Oh how I’ve missed driving buses!

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Something Good: 04112012

Absolutely nothing could go wrong today even if everything in the world wished it upon me. I really love life right now! The amount of laughter I get in a day is so abundant that a blue whale could get lost in it. What could be more fun than driving around campus in a golf cart handing out lollipops to random people? I don’t know but I enjoyed it haha I can’t get enough of the people in my life. I’m just spewing love!

[Side note: I’ve been lagging on my SG Series (and Tumblr, in general) but I’m going to try and get back into it!]

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Something Good: 03082012

It’s crazy how many people I’ve met just by working at Shuttles. What’s even crazier, though, is that I’ve only met about 20% of the drivers. Some don’t like to be social; they just want to work their hours and move on, but I don’t think that’s any fun at all. I love going into the office and chill with whoever is in there. Everything is seriously so laid back. I got pulled off my shift today for a bit in case they needed to switch out my bus and this is what happened after I sat around for 30 minutes (about 5pm):

Dispatcher: Okay, Lisa, you can go back on-line whenever you feel like it.

Me: Whenever I feel like it?

Dispatcher: Yep. Whenever.

Me: So… when do I go off-line to fuel?

Dispatcher: Should be 6:30 since you’re CNG.

Me: Oh okay. So can I go back on-line at 6:30? Haha

Dispatcher: Well… you know how busy Regents gets…

Me: Aw yeah, I know. I guess I’ll go back.

Dispatcher: I’m kidding haha You don’t have to go!

And all of this went on while one of my supervisors was there haha He’s so chill. This is the first job I’ve had that actually makes me want to work more hours.

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Something Good: 02282012

I had a fun driving loop tonight. We played drive-by high five! We basically just drive towards each other as close as we can to high five out the windows (without smashing mirrors, of course) haha It’s super fun and the passengers always get a good laugh when they realize what we just did. My first 48 driving hour are almost cleared so I’ll be able to drive the city routes soon. AND we have about ten new trainees so I’m not at the bottom of the list anymore. Yay!

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Something Good: 02252012

Yesterday was a damn good Saturday with family and “family.” My sister and I got facials early in the morning at a med spa and got CBTL after. That facial felt soooooooooooo good! They treat your face depending on your skin type… love it. We got together with the usual SD crew and ate at Bonnie Jean’s for some chicken and waffles. The people there are funny and I personally like their chicken better than Roscoe’s. Dark meat, ftw!

Last night, we celebrated my brother’s birthday at Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot and I swear I felt like the party planner. Somehow I was appointed to deal with the table splitting and billing, but I guess that always happens. It was fun, though, with our huge table of good company and DERRISHUS food. We had an after party at my parents’ house with lots of shots and bad karaoke (of course). I did take shots, but was still able to be the “mom” and have fun at the same time. My dad kept offering everyone beer and got sad when someone would say no haha My brother seemed to have a good time. He’s a very happy drunk and my dad pointed out to me that my brother is only fun with the family when he’s had alcohol… otherwise he’s just angry all the time. He was the first one to pass out and I was the last haha And I woke up before everyone for some reason so I cleaned up for my parents.

My family and friends haven’t had a good time like that together in a while.

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Something Good: 02102013

I love my dad. He’s so funny (:
AND my sister is moving back to Temecula by the end of the month! Woohooooooooo!

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Something Good: 02072012

I met a few more shuttle drivers tonight and they were all pretty chill. They were willing to help me out with my first close and gave me tips on driving at night. There are so many names that I can’t even remember any right now ): I’ll see them again every week, though. No rude passengers got on my bus tonight and I had a nice conversation with my last passenger. I reluctantly let him on my bus as I was making my last round before going offline, but he was getting off at a stop on the way so I let him on. We seem like friends already. He says I should join VSA (Vietnamese Student Association, or something like that), but I’ve been trying to avoid it haha I don’t know, we’ll see. I’d honestly rather join KP even though I’m not Filipino. But anyway, this guy is not my type, so don’t get your spirits up haha I’m just happy I made new friends (:

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Something Good: 01302012

I was in the right seat at the right time during section today and ended up collaborating with the people around me to do our drugs group project together. I can already tell that everyone in the group wants to do well so there will be no slacking. Coincidentally, we all chose MDMA (ecstasy) as our topic of choice, which some of you might remember is something that affects me. We may even narrow our topic down to ecstasy within the rave subculture. I’m pretty excited about all of this, not only because I get to learn more, but to hopefully understand more about the loss of my cousin.

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Something Good: 01192012

I went to the GROUPLOVE show at my school tonight and it was seriously amazing. They’re so good! The Colorist was great too! This was my first show as a 21 yr old and my first show of the year. I’m excited for David Choi and The Kooks in February :D

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Something Good: 01112012

I’m loving my schedule this quarter. My mornings start early but I’m allowing my nights to end late, which I rarely did before. I’ve made at least four new friends who I would hit up to chill or grab a bite. I drove well during both of my shifts today and I got compliments from the pickiest trainer. I’m honestly thinking about taking naps on one of the buses between classes. I saw Bora for like a second, lol. Lobster tacos and shrimp tacos at World Famous were good as always. I gotta stop spending so much money on food or I’m never going to New York!

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Something Good: 01102012

I had a busy schedule today starting with classes, route training, more classes, and ending with a walk through Old Town SD con Marky and then dinner + Extraordinary con Stacy and her roomies. I like having lazy days, but I like busy days more. I feel more productive, social, and awake!

I drove well on my route training through Old Town today with the cut-away bus. It’s nice that my job actually keeps me awake, haha. I actually don’t mind waking up early to drive… the only part I dislike right now is that I still have trainers watching my every move. It’s almost as if I’m fifteen again and my dad is sitting in the passenger seat as I get my driving hours done. I become all sorts of self-conscious, but I’ll get better with experience!

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